Slavic Dances

by Highly Sensitive Person

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lyrics in ()'s are what i wrote but for w/e reason didnt sing


released July 22, 2016

all songs proper written by me except track 5 written by jules



all rights reserved


Highly Sensitive Person Orlando, Florida

hey look tunes

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Track Name: Renee's Ghost
am i just one of twelve children
in your trailer park home
am i just another fixture
in your humble abode
will i ever transcend
beyond renee's ghost

probably not

i have one skill and zero clue how to use it
but at least i have decent taste in music


and im pretty nice as i understand it

my feelings are feelings are feelings are feelings are
not meaningless just because you dont personally
believe (agree) with them

and if you really want
ill be that teacher that you've always wanted me to be
and ill get up every morning
wondering if ive ever been me
Track Name: Sunshine
the cute girl from work calls me sunshine
the cute girl from work calls me sunshine

and i win,
i win,
because the cute russian girl from work calls me sunshine.
Track Name: Hydroponics
the metal mother died last week
with the von braun as it sank in(to) the nebulous sea
her dog whimpered over her convulsing body

i wish i could feign that level of innocence
but alas, i cant
Track Name: Names For People
Track Name: Blacktop
do you think that there's a way i could ever get so far
that you'd ask me where i'd been
like i ask you where you are?
but i know you're in the pews
the same as stools around the bar
and i know i saw your hand
when i went out and wrapped my car
streetlamp -
around the streetlamp

so i wrote you love letters
and sung them in my house
and all around the south
the broken strings and amplifiers scream with holy noise
in hopes to draw you out
but if no one sings along in praise
are you still proud when i open my mouth?

come visit me
come visit me
in the back of an ambulance;
a saline communion
i heard you say... (that i held like a séance)
Track Name: Mean
you gave me two choices
die or run away
only after i came back
did you reveal a third: to stay

i walked 90 minutes
to red bug lake
arrived at 5am
with no intentions to stay

i dont know what the fuck you're on about
but you hurt me, not the other way around
what you said will forever be ingrained in me:

"why do you have to be so mean?"
Track Name: Trailing Away
isnt that sweet
i pull into the middle lane, as opposed to the left
so that the homless guy will be less likely
to talk to me

you say to me, "have a good day"
but your eyes are already trailing away

Track Name: Tarred
the deadliest shooting in my nations history
occurred in my hometown
and though i lived about fifteen minutes away,
if you winced you could still hear the sounds

of the men and women whose bodies vetoed their right
to climb the ladderbars into the night*

i dont know the feeling
because my wings (limbs) are tarred beyond healing*

in a month, they'll be forgotten
just like everybody else

*these lines both refer to two different analogies that i was using to articulate how those who died that day deserve to live in a dimension that pays no mind to the things that cost them their lives here in this one, but somehow on the take i ended up using a part from each
Track Name: The Frail Children of the Air
the frail children of the air
catch their wind
and demonstrate flight

the frail children of the air
struggle not
but feel around for a light

they just want to have a good time
they take off my clothes
and dance with me all night
im pressed up against them, feeling tight
and no one was gonna come and get me
Track Name: I'm Going To Fucking Implode If You Don't Stop Talking Over Me (Amoeba)
i dont know what being a (good?) person feels like
but if i to guess, it probably feels pretty good
i hope so, for my sake. my life hasnt
turned out the way i thought it would

for years i dreamt of being normal
normal friends, normal feelings, normal life
all the while i could've been becoming what i wanted to be
if only i had known that it was ok to try

spanish moss, amoeba, amoeba**
fallen branches, amoeba, amoeba
too many unwanted thoughts, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba
lost potential, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba

i take my car to the gym
then to the drive thru, then to the record store
the only way i know how to fill this pained void in my life
is doing it more more more more more

now my left arms going numb
and i only have 50$ til next week
if i know i have problems i should try helping myself*
but help is something i am programmed not to seek

they say failure prompts growth, i wonder how
it does you noooo good,
when youre getting blown the fuck out every time

oh, time as well, amoeba, amoeba
the holes in my shoes, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba
hoarder ass room, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba

i will always lose, amoeba, amoeba
i will always lose, amoeba, amoeba
i will always lose, amoeba, amoeba
amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba,
amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba,
amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba,
amoeba, amoeba, amoeba, amoeba
amoeba, amoeba, amoeba

*theres an "if" right before the beginning of this line in my notes but i stroked out and forgot to sing it on the take.

**within the context of the song "amoeba" is meant to refer to an feeling of mental exhaustion that leads to thinking things are not as they are, either in an immediately physical sense or in regards to Big Questions About Life™ that are nebulous to the listener. the analogy comes from my driving to work one time early in the morning after one of my regular neurotic death spirals and finding that the tree branches that had fallen during the storm over night looked like amoebas, what with spanish moss being draped over them, my high speed disallowing me to observe more closely and understand that they were obviously not amoebas.
Track Name: Flailing Violently
does walk along a road
a mothers pup falls into the drainage area
she cant get it out
theres no saving it now